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The experience driven, the travel passionate & the crypto curious

It all started with a world starved of social connection, travel and outside world experience for two years. The desperate attempts at Zoom parties, socially distanced picnics and lustful holiday imagery made us certain of one thing: we all need each other.

The idea of a brand centered on its community was born. OHO de Condesa is a brand run by and for its community - a new way to do a lifestyle business: one with you at its heart. Driven by origins and accessibility to experience, OHO will blend real life and web3 in a way that hasn’t been seen before.

You ordered lifestyle with a twist? Ethically sourced products, design-led events and cultural editorial all run for and by you.

OHO NFTs serve as a membership to the brand, allowing the owners to trade or bask in their benefits.

And what’s our story? One of us grew up in Mexico, the other in the UK. We are entirely too obsessed with both places after years of travelling back and forth. Being based in London, we know how much Mexico has to offer, so it naturally plays an integral role in the development of the brand.

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Our bi-annual magazine will be packed with cultural musings, digital traveller insights and design appreciation for our ticket holders.

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